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Maxthon Cloud Browser (previously known as MyIE2) is a free web browser that has improved a lot in its latest versions. It now has a unique and innovative multi-core processor design that can utilize Webkit and Trident.

Developed and improved to be quicker and more efficient, Maxthon Cloud Browser allows users to share and send files easily between different platforms and devices, made possible by the cloud. Maxthon Cloud Browser also supports search synchronization and tabs that open up automatically according to the current user.

The search by tabs unites several interesting features, including the possibility to perform actions via movements of the mouse, to speed up the visualization of webpages by using Maxthon Smart Acceleration, and to get rid of inconvenient banners with the help of Ad Hunter. Remembering a URL isn't necessary when using Maxathon, as it allows you to create what's known as a URL Alias: you give any name you want to a webpage and can later access it by using this nickname.

With Maxthon, you won't lose time filling out forms since it has an autocomplete tool called Magic Fill that is capable of recognizing almost all the fields that need to be filled in. Maxthon Cloud Browser has also integrated an RSS reader. Still more, Maxthon has developed anti-freeze techniques, which makes the navigator keep responding when AJAX or Javascript code is run. Screenshots, an effective drag and drop system, and a an online favorites section are some of the other interesting characteristics of Maxthon.
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